Sep 30

My Credit Reward Chart Review

The Victoria Chart Company


I have gone through so many reward charts with my son but can’t find one that actually works well for him. I was happy to see The Victoria Chart Company was offering up their My Credit Chart for free to review, so I hurried and signed up. I was excited to get the chart and work his daily chores into it to see if it was a better fit than what we are currently doing. It comes with a black dry erase marker and sticky pads to mount your chart on the fridge or wall. The chart is recommended for ages 7 and up. The chart measures 11×17. I really like the fact that this is a dry erase chart so you can use it over and over again. The chart includes 11 activities and 2 blank areas where you can add in your own activities. Some of the activities include getting dresses, brushing teeth, cleaning their bedroom, completing homework, helping around the house and more. When they have completed the activity for the day they can put a check mark next to it to keep track of what they have done over the week. There are 3 rewards at the bottom which include a Bronze Reward ( 6 checkmarks in 1 day), Silver Reward (9 checkmarks in 1 day), Gold Reward (12 checkmarks in 1 day) and the last reward is for completing your entire chart all 7 days. The chart is great at encouraging them to do good as well as rewarding them for doing good.

My Credit Reward Chart Review

Once we got our chart in I decided to sit down with my son and pick out his 4 rewards and 2 additional activities to add to our chart. For the 2 additional activities we added taking out the trash and feeding & watering the dog.  Our Bronze Reward is get dessert after dinner, Silver Reward is an extra 15 minutes of game time, Gold Reward is watch a movie before bedtime and if he completes all his activities all week then he can choose 1 chore to skip the following week. He decided he was really striving to fill his entire chart so he could skip a chore next week. Let’s just say Monday didn’t go as plan and he only completed 9 activities but he was able to get an extra 15 minutes of video game time and he enjoyed that since he just bought a new game over the weekend.


Overall I think the chart is working out pretty good for us right now. It would be nice if the whole chart was laminated so it would last longer and withstand any damage from use and I would liked to have seen different was more blank activities listed because he has other chores I would like him to help out on as well. Seeing his rewards listed every week encourages him to do a good job, and I like to reward him for good behavior and completing his chores.

If you think the My Credit Chart would be a perfect fit for your child you can purchase one for just $12.99.

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

Sep 30

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Sep 30

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Sep 30

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Sep 30

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Sep 30

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Sep 30

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Sep 26

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