Mar 26

Swagbucks ~ Earn Your 1st $25 Gift Card In Less Than A Month & Pay For Your Summer Fun

Pay for Your Summer Fun with Swagbucks
With most of the country still under a blanket of snow, it’s comforting to think of warm summer days. Now is the best time to start saving for your summer plans, whether it’s traveling, buying something new to enjoy at home or even if it’s just grabbing an iced coffee concoction to cool you down.  One way to have extra spending money this summer is to use Swagbucks.
Swagbucks is a rewards site where you get points called “Swag Bucks” for things like searching, watching videos and discovering deals. The you redeem those points for gift cards to places like Amazon, PayPal and Starbucks. I get Amazon gift cards or if I can keep my SB and wait I will cash out with PayPal. I just cashed out after only 3 weeks with a $25 PayPal credit. Nothing like free money!
Here’s a plan for using Swagbucks to earn $25 in gift cards each month. It’s easy, and if you keep at it, you’ll have at least $75 by June to spend on summer fun without having to dip into your wallet or spend a ton of your precious time!
Swagbucks discounts your first $25 gift card of the month to 2,200 SB. That’s like getting $25 for $3 less! Here are a few things you can do that will add up to 2,200 SB each month:
1) Knock out the quick stuff – all of these activities can be found on the left-hand side of the homepage (1-2 mins a day):
  • Answer the Daily Poll everyday – also available on the SB mobile app, so you can earn your daily SB wherever you are: 30 SB
  • Do the NOSO everyday – Browse through No Obligation Special Offers for 2 SB everyday: 60 SB
  • Get your daily SwagButton SB – our popular browser add-on gives you the ability to earn SB from anywhere on the web. It also alerts you to Swag Codes AND you get 1 SB each day just for having it installed and active: 30 SB (Bonus: if you don’t have it yet, you get a one-time bonus of 50 SB for downloading the SwagButton!)
  • Do the Daily Crave – discover new content and websites to earn 1 SB everyday: 30 SB
2) Search online to earn SB everyday (no extra time needed!):
  • Use the Swagbucks Search engine – People who use Swagbucks search to find what they want online can earn 10 SB per day! Plus, members who make Swagbucks the default search engine on their browser typically earn even more: 300 SB
3) Earn BIG SB payouts (5 min – 20+ min depending on survey opportunities available):
  • Take the Daily Survey every weekday – SB amounts vary from survey to survey, but it’s very possible to earn about 35 SB per weekday: 700 SB
  • SBTV app on Android (all countries) & iOS (US only) – earn a maximum of 36 SB per day on this app: 1,080 SB
Whether you’re catching the latest blockbuster, enjoying a weekend road trip, or stocking up for your next outdoor BBQ, Swagbucks can help. It doesn’t end there, though. Keep going and you can save for the holidays, back to school, or just a rainy day. Are you already a Swagbucks member? What tips do you have for earning Swag Bucks?
Sign up now to start earning your way to your 1st $25!

Mar 24

Disney Movie Rewards ~ 20 Free Points


Disney Rewards members how about some free points?!! Enter WHITE, GOLDENAPPLEREDCAPE and add 20 points to your account.

Mar 23

ToiletTree Electric Callus Remover : Get Soft Feet In Minutes

ToiletTree Products


I live in Florida and I am in sandles almost every day. I can’t go walking around in sandles with dry, cracked heels. So I don’t have time or money to waste on pedicures so I am always trying different callus remover products at home. None have been very good at doing the job until I was sent the ToiletTree Electric Callus Remover to try out. It takes 2 AA batteries (which is included), comes with 2 replaceable grinding heads, and a cleaning brush.  The grinding head spins 360′ and has a felexible neck for all the hard to reaches areas. It is also water resistant for easy cleaning. This is only to be used on your feet.

ToiletTree Products Electric Callus Remover

I can proudly say that I know a way to get soft callus free feet in minutes at HOME! I can save the money I would be spending at the salon on pedicures on new shoes :) The Electric Callus Remover is so easy to use and I can see the old dry skin being removed from my heels as soon as I start to use it. The remover is very light weight and fits nicely in my hand, unlike other products I have tried that leaves my hands aching. Cleaning is simple. After use just brush it off and rinse it under water. Your ready for your next use. It also comes with a plastic head cover so the head doesn’t get damaged while storing. I love that it has a safety feature too, so if I push to hard it will stop rotating, and prevents any damage to my skin.

Before After ToiletTree Electric Callus Remover

ToiletTree Electric Callus Remover is not only quick and easy to use but it gives me the results I am looking for. And it’s affordable at just $24.95! Way cheaper than going in all the time for a salon pedicure.

You check out all Toilet Tree products online and follow them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

Do you have dry, cracked feet? What do you use get soft, smooth skin again?



**I was sent a coupon code to order the product above at a significant discount in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are always my own**

Mar 21

Are You Prepared For An Emergency? Take This Free Home Risk Analysis

This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.
All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.
Thank you for reading!

MBIntel 1


How prepared are your home and family in case of an emergency? How safe is your home? I just took the MBIntel Home Risk Analysis and I was pretty surprised at my results, and quite frankly worried. The analysis scores 3 parts: security, safety and emergency. I scored 54% security (11% below average), 73% safety (3% above average) and 28% emergency (36% below average). I am pleased to see my safety rating so high but I am worried in case of an emergency. I live in Florida and the only time I get prepared is when we are expecting a hurricane. But what about fire? Wild fire? Flood? Tornado? These are things I never really thought about, and my family and I are in no way prepared. After taking this analysis there are a lot of things we have to work on. I am definitely going to work on getting an emergency supply gathered up with things like a can opener, toilet paper, canned goods and water. We have a dog and I never thought about needing stuff for her either. Since we are buying a home, and should be moved in this summer, I will work on changes in security. I am there 90% of the time but that still doesn’t mean nothing can’t happen.

My MBIntel Home Risk Analysis Report

You too can head over and take the free home risk analysis to see just how prepared you are. Come back here and share your results and what measures are you doing to take to change those numbers and be more prepared.


This post was created in partnership with Mom Buzz Media.
All opinions expressed are my own and are not influenced in any way.
Thank you for reading!

Mar 20

Crunch Pak Perfect Party Snacks!

Crunch Pak “America’s #1 Sliced Apple”

CrunchPak Foodles

What better way to show your #DisneySide than with some fun Crunch Pak Foodles! Our favorite Disney characters on the package shaped like Mickey Ears. Packs consisted on apples, cheese, pretzels, grapes and carrots. Not only are these fun but they are also healthy snacks for my party guests. Crunch Pak sent me some coupons to buy some of their products so my guests could enjoy them at my daughters birthday party. I went to 4 stores and they only had 2 of the 4 varities of Foodles so I also picked up some of the Crunch Pak Apples and Caramel packs. They were very good, the pretzels were crunchy and everything tasted fresh. The kids absolutely LOVED the Foodles and each kid was quick to claim a fun Foodles pack for themselves. The apples and caramel disappeared faster than they appeared, I am guilty of this one I love apples and caramel.I made sure to grab me some before everyone ate them all while I was running around making sure everything was ready. I was glad to serve a fresh tasting, delicious and healthy snack.  If your interested in Crunch Pak products check out the store locator to find a local retailer near you.



Check out all Crunch Pak products online. Follow Crunch Pak on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for more information.

CrunchPak Dippers CrunchPak SuperHeros


**I was sent free product coupons in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are always my own**

Mar 19

Chloe’s #DisneySide Frozen 4th Birthday

Chloe 4th Birthday

Chloe decided that she wanted a Frozen birthday party (I knew that was coming since she is OBSESSED). It seems like just yesterday she was 3 and now she is 4! Everyone had fun. We played games, ate good food, used Frozen props in the Photo Booth, and enjoyed a fun craft at the end. Another successful party showing off our #DisneySide.


birthday girl

Happy 4th Birthday!!!



DisneySide Party Games

Games are always a hit at our parties, the kids love Bingo. We used the Disney Bingo game that came in our kit and played so many rounds I lost count! I told you they love Bingo. We played musical shares to the Frozen soundtrack, which had everyone singing Let It Go and In Summer.


Pin The Nose On Olaf

Pin The Nose On Olaf

I hand drew (who knew I could draw that good) Olaf’s head and then made carrot nose’s and wrote each kids name on them. Blindfolded and spun around lets see where everyone puts the nose.


Do You Wanna Build A Snowman

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

I found this great Olaf craft on Pinterest, so everyone made a stuffed Olaf as a party favor to take home. If you do this I highly suggest you have a sewing machine, which I do not, and sewed everything by hand which was very time consuming. But the crafts turned out AWESOME and was a great wind down activity for the kids at the end of the party.


DisneySide Party PhotoBooth

Photo Booth Fun!

I found these great photo props on Pinterest. I printed them out and laminated them so my daughter could play with them after the party. I decoarted a poster board and painted it and used that as the photo frame.


DisneySide Party Game Prizes

For prizes I put on some of the Disney Princess Nail Polish, Mickey Tattoos, Mickey & Friends Stickers, Disney buttons I got from the Disney Store, Frozen Tattoos I found at Walmart, Mickey & Friends Pencils, Mini Frozen Bubbles, Disney Card Games and although not Disney I had a large multipack of Care Bears Lip Balm too. Each quest took home HP Photo Paper and DIY Disney Luggage Tags.


DisneySide Party Food

To eat we had CrunchPak snacks, hotdogs, finger sandwhiches, deviled eggs, chips & dip and of course cupcakes!

Happy Birthday Chloe

Remember you don’t need a kit to show your #DisneySide. Head over to for tons of great party planning ideas, activities, recipes and more!


See everything that was inside my DisneySide @Home Celebration Kit.

**I was chosen to host a Disney Side @Home Celebration and was provided the items above for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are always my own**

Mar 18

Will Tommy Learn His Lesson? Check Out These Fun Tommy’s Lessons Books For Kids

My kids LOVE reading! I have been reading to them ever since they were born and so glad that they continue to love books and reading as much as I did growing up. They also love getting new books. Author Natasha Barber reached out to me and asked me if I would like a digitial copy of her books My Magic Pet Fish and My Tomato, Guacamole and Onion Sandwhich. Knowing how much the kids love reading of course I said yes! The titles are so fun and only give you a glimpse at what fun is inside those books just waiting to be read.

My Magic Pet Fish Book




This is a story of a little boy named Tommy. He is seven years old and is always finding trouble everywhere he goes. This time, Tommy finds cool fish and wants to keep them as pets, but are they really fish! This beautifully illustrated book is fun and colorful and will tell the story of how somethings just aren’t what they seem. Find out why! 

Available for purchase on Amazon in Paperback or on Kindle.




My Tomato, Guacamole and Onion Sandwhich Book





This is a story of a little boy named Tommy. He is seven years old and is always finding trouble everywhere he goes. This time, Tommy and his sandwich just aren’t getting along! This beautifully illustrated book is fun and colorful and will tell the story of how lying can grow into something mean and ugly. Find out how!

Available for purchase on Amazon Paperback or on Kindle.






These books are a great read! They are filled with fun characters and bright colorful illustrations. I could hear Isaiah laughing all the way in the livingroom while he was reading. He has a crazy imagination and he thought these were so funny. After he read them he read them again to his sister. These books are a great read for any kid. His favorite was My Tomato, Guacamole and Onion Sandwhich he really loved the part when the sandwhich grew really big with eyes and teeth and started attacking people. I love that these books are a great addition to our reading library and they can read them over and over again. Reading makes them happy :)

Do you have kids that like to read? Head over and grab you 1 or both of these great books for your kids to read and enjoy.


My Super Cool Ant Farm

To learn more about Tommy visit, while there you can also access free fun printable coloring pages.


**I was given digital copies of the books above in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are always my own**

Mar 18

Pampers Gifts To Grow Rewards -

Pampers Gifts To Grow Bonus Code

Enter FBEC89871811115 and get 10 points added to your account.

If your not signed up Join Pampers Rewards Now and receive 100 free points.

Mar 18

Kellogg’s Family Rewards – 150 Bonus Points!!


Kellogg’s Family Rewards members here are 2 more bonus codes to enter for a total of 150 points! Expiration unknown.



If your not signed up be sure to sign up now and start earning rewards like books, kitchen items, gift cards and more. Plus it’s FREE to join.

Mar 18

RECALL! Check Your Cabinets For Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

Kraft Mac-N-Cheese

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Recall!

Kraft just announced a recall on Facebook today

Kraft Foods is voluntarily recalling select code dates of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese Dinner, Original flavor – due to the possibility that some boxes may contain small pieces of metal. The safety and quality of our products is our highest priority. We work every day to exceed your expectations and we sincerely apologize for this situation.

YIKES! Be sure to read about the recall to see if your products are included and how to go about a refund.

Thanks Allison for the heads up!

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