Family Fun! Grow Your Own Avocoado Tree at Home with AvoSeedo {Discount Included!}

My kids love trying new things and are pretty excited to be growing an avocado tree! Thanks to AvoSeedo who sent us the AvoSeedo avocado tree germinator bowl. It’s easy to use they were able to work together and do it all by themselves. The AvoSeedo is reusable over and over again and is made from recyclable, non-toxic materials. Did you know you can also use it for other veggies like lettuce, celery, carrot tops. That makes it even more exciting.


AvoSeedo Bowl

AvoSeedo avocado tree germinator bowl that makes it easy for everyone to grow their own plant at home from a simple avocado pit. Easy to use for all ages of amateur avocado arborists. The clever AvoSeedo bowl design keeps the avocado pit immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively. Made for durability from recyclable, non-toxic materials and is reusable for other vegetables like lettuce, celery, carrot tops! Germinate and grow an avocado tree in your own home, whatever the climate. Fun family (Millennial parents, their young kids, grandma/grandpa) project to make a tree sprout and watch it grow from the pit of a common avocado. Increase kids’ understanding of ecology, interconnections in nature, responsibility and care for the environment in a participatory and concrete way.

What Problem It Solves
One of the main problems with growing avocados is getting them to germinate in the first place. AvoSeedo encourages the pit to sprout and prosper in a simple bowl of water without much attention from the gardener because its design keeps the seed immersed in just the right amount of water to grow effectively.

How It Works
Watch how to grow an Avocado tree with AvoSeedo

1. Get an avocado, cut it open and remove the pit
2. Peel away the thin skin from the avocado pit
3. Put the pit flat part down into the AvoSeedo tray
4. Place the AvoSeedo tray with avocado pit into a bowl of water
5. Change the water every two to three weeks
6.The seed will sprout and a tiny avocado tree will grow after one to three months
7. Transfer the budding tree into a pot
8. Reuse the AvoSeedo to grow more avocados

AvoSeedo Review

The AvoSeedo bowl comes with little flags for you to date the day you started growing your plant. As you can see from ours we started it on October 28th so we have yet to have the seedling sprout, but they are checking it every day. Since it is always sitting in water you don’t have to remember to water it everyday either! Just change the water every 2-3 weeks.

Since we homeschool this has been a fun project for us to incorporate into our science lessons and they are so excited for it to grow and learn more about the Avocado- plus make some delicious guacamole once it’s fully grown. Once it starts to sprout I will come back and add to this post 🙂


Check out this short video to learn more about the AvoSeedo

AvoSeedo from Daniel Kalliontzis on Vimeo.


You can grow your own avocado tree at home too!

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