Family Game Night Will Never Be The Same Play Watch Ya’ Mouth Showdown Edition

Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown Edition Game Review

I know by now everyone has seen Watch Ya’ Mouth Showdown Edition Game in stores or online. You stick this plastic mouth piece in your mouth and you have to compete against other players in hilarious tasks. It’s a HOT toy this year and is a family game night MUST HAVE!  I seriously couldn’t even put the mouth piece in my mouth without laughing. There is also the traditional Watch Ya’ Mouth Game but the Throwdown Edition is so much funner! Watch Ya’ Mouth Showdown Edition come with 100 Throwdown Cards, 42 Phrase Cards, 10 Multicolored Mouthpieces (6 Regular and 4 Small), 4 Throwdown Straws, 4 Noisemakers, 2 Throwdown Balls, 1 Throwdown Dice, 1 Sand Timer. 


Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown Edition Review

So we were going to play this Thanksgiving night but the kids were sick so we had to put it off a bit. Now they are better and we finally got to sit down and have a hilarious family game night. Ok seriously this game will have everyone laughing and crying by the end of the night. It is so much fun. This is perfect for holiday parties or birthday parties too.


Throwdown Pieces

Watch Ya’ Mouth Throwdown Edition has Throwdown cards and Phrase Cards. 1st player rolls the dice and whichever way the arrow points determines which player you compete against. The ? allows you to pick any player you wish. Pick up a Throwdown card and you have to do what it says, sometimes it will have you pick up a Phrase Card.


Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown


Watch Ya' Mouth Throwdown Edition Game

(Sorry about the blurry pics! It’s hard to get good pics while everyone is laughing and moving)

One of the 1st throwdowns was between my son and husband (who requested-well demanded- not to blasted in my review).  Each player was to get a cracker and place in front of them. Put the mouthpiece in and they had to eat the cracker without using their hands. 1st one to eat it wins. My son won that one it wasn’t as easy we you thought! Then my daughter and son had to use the noise blowers to blow the ball of the opponents side (son won that one again). Next it was moms turn.  My son and I had to get a cup of water, put the mouthpiece in and with a straw drink as much water as you can by the time the sand timer ran out. Oh wow that was so hard. All the pieces are hand washable with mild soap and warm water.

This is a perfect game for any party and will guarantee everyone has a fun time. My only recommendation is to have a lot of paper towels on hand there will be lots of drooling!

You can get the family bundle set which includes both versions on amazon. Use coupon code 15WYM and save 15% off your order. Includes free Prime shipping too.



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