Gardening and Old Orchard Mango Lemonade

As a member of the Old Orchard VIP #JuiceCrew I received free samples in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.


Summer is here FINALLY! Well I’m in Florida so it feels like summer just about year round but now it’s officially summer break from homeschool and we are ready for fun in the sun!


This spring we decided to plant a garden, this isn’t our 1st time with previous attempts being unsuccessful, we were really hopeful to have a fruitful garden this time around. We planted a ton of green beans, sweet bi-color corn, tomatoes, jalapenos, cucumbers and watermelons. Gardening is not easy, especially here in Florida but it is so rewarding when you harvest your fresh fruits and veggies. Here’s a sneak peak at a few of our goodies we have growing (there are plenty more where these came from).

So we have had some success mostly with the green beans (we now have a freezer full) as well as a few cucumbers. Our jalapenos, corn, and tomatoes are almost there just waiting for them to be ready to pick and our watermelons still have a while before they are big and round.

What is a better way to cool off after a long day working in the garden then with a nice ice cold glass of Old Orchard Mango Lemonade. Since it’s so hot here and the kids like cool treats while they are outside I like to freeze the juice into ice cubes, then blend them and voila you got homemade icee treats. Quick, easy, cool, delicious treat after a day of play. (Sadly I didn’t get pics of our cool treats because they were eating them faster than I could get them served.)


Thanks to Old Orchard VIP #JuiceCrew I got to sample the Mango Lemonade flavor. I also got a package of  herb seeds that go perfectly with our garden veggies, a set of Old Orchard brand gloves, a DIY project card reusing Old Orchard frozen juice containers and a few coupons for more juice when we run out.

How would you use the Mango Lemonade? I would love to hear your recipes.

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