Go Back In Time at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament Orlando, Florida

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Travel back in time with the Queen, Lords, Knights, horses and jousting at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament. They have several locations throughout the US and 1 in Canada, but we visited the Orlando, Florida location. Let me start off by telling you the prices are a little high but it is totally worth every single penny of it!

As soon as you pull up to the castle you are swept back in time, even the employees are dressed and act the part. The gates open 75 minutes before the show, I suggest arriving early for closer parking and seating. On site parking is free and seating is not assigned until you get your tickets and go in. When you purchase your tickets (or check in if you ordered online) you can purchase upgraded seating packages that get you closer to the arena and includes a few extra goodies. Everyone in your party will get a seating card and this is where you will get your crown assigning you to 1 of the colored knights. We got the blue knight, so our crowns were blue. After getting your seating tickets and crown they then set you up for a fun group photo, which you can purchase later for an additional price. Inside the castle you can purchase beverages (including alcoholic),  knighting packages, souvenirs, and you can watch the knighting ceremonies that take place before the show. About 10-15 minutes before the show they come out and tell you the do’s and don’ts of the show and then start calling colored sections in one at a time. The place is packed full so this helps a smoother transition to seating. I highly suggest visiting the restrooms before so you don’t miss the show or have to move through rows of people to get to them.










Your are seated on long rows, there is no assigned seats. This is also the colored section that matches your knights color. This is the knight you will be cheering on for the show. The Queen arrives on a beautiful horse and the show starts. You will be assigned a server if you need help during the show. She will start pouring drinks. The drinks offered to us were Pepsi, water or lemonade. You can also purchase an adult beverage if you want. Then food is served. Starting with tomato bisque and garlic bread. Then you are given baked chicken, potato and corn. Remember there are no utensils you are eating everything with your hands. The soup bowl does have a handle for you to drink from it (that would be silly to try drinking soup with fingers huh?!). While you eat the show continues. Towards the end after all dishes are taken away you are then served desert and coffee for those that want it. If you have leftovers you can get a bag to take them home too!

The show is full of fun, brightly colored lights and music. The knights show off their brave skills and battle each other through jousting, sword fighting and horse riding in order to bring honor to the Queen and defend their land. You also get to experience the royal Falcon fly, if you’re lucky he might even fly over your heads. The horses are beautiful, just stunning. The show lasts about 2 hours. You are highly encouraged to cheer your knight on, this is where my daughter went full out. All you heard from her was “Come on Blue Knight you can do it, I believe in you!” I loved that the kids really got into it and really enjoyed the show.


It can get loud in there, between the people cheering the knights on and the sounds of metal on metal. There is also a ton of brightly colored lights that move around, so keep that in mind for those that have any type of sensory issues.

The show is absolutely fantastic and we all enjoyed it very much. The food was very tasty and everyone that works there is great. Our server was so fast and speedy. No gratuities are included so be sure to bring cash so you can leave your server a tip.

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