He is Enough: Living in the Fullness of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu {6 Week Bible Study Guide Review}

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He is Enough Living in the Fullness of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu

Within our daily lives we are constantly left wondering what if I had done this, or what if I had that? Especially as a mom I am left asking these questions daily. What if I told you there is only 1 thing you need in your life for it to be complete?

What is that 1 thing you need you ask?

Jesus Christ


Week One Praying Through Christ

I have been working on this wonderful Bible study, my 1st one to be exact: He is Enough: Living in the Fullness of Jesus by Asheritah Ciuciu. It’s a 6 week, 5 days a week, Bible study taking you through the book of Colossians. It includes reading, memory versus, answering questions, journaling and prayer. Each week also features a memory verse coloring page. This book is for everyone, no matter how busy your schedule. It is broken down into 2 parts: Snack (small, shorter study only takes a few minutes a day) and Feast ( a longer, more in depth study taking more time to complete).


He is Enough Living in the Fullness of Jesus

Each week is filled with new versus, messages and study. For example Week One: Praying Through Christ. It starts to describe how to start a relationship with God and that is through prayer. Sometimes prayer is often thought to be a time to ask God for help, but we need to realize all the good HE has already done in our life and give thanks. Throughout the study there is mention of some helpful additional resources to visit, videos to watch or verses to read.

Weekly Study Contents

  • Week 1: Praying Through Christ: It’s only in getting to know Jesus more that we will experience the fullness of God’s presence as we yearn for it
  • Week 2: Rejoicing in Christ: Who is Jesus and what qualifies Him to be the One who we live and die for.
  • Week 3: Complete in Christ: It’s tempting to hold on to a checklist of things to be right with God, because that gives us the illusion of being in control. But the truth is it’s Christ alone, and He is enough.
  • Week 4: Hidden with Christ: When God looks at us, He sees the holiness of Jesus covering us like a garment.
  • Week 5: Loving Like Christ: On our own, we cannot love the unlovable or those who have hurt us. But through Him we can because He is enough.
  • Week 6: Ministering with Christ: We are invited to participate in the work of the gospel through our devoted prayers, grace-filled conversations, and hands-on involvement.


This study can be done alone or with others. You can do as little or as much as you want. Start the day with Snack and come back to Feast later, like I said this Bible study has something for everyone. It has really opened up my heart and mind, and come to realize what I have is enough.


Is your life really empty?

Whether you are a believer or someone who hasn’t opened up their life to Jesus yet and are ready to be sure to open up this Bible study. I can only pray that each one of you come to know and accept Jesus and that HE IS ENOUGH!
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About Asheritah Ciuciu
 Asheritah Ciuciu is a writer, speaker, and founder of One Thing Alone Ministries–an online community of women who find joy in Jesus through creative spiritual disciplines. She’s also the author of Full: Food, Jesus, and the Battle for Satisfaction (Moody, January 2017) and Unwrapping the Names of Jesus (Moody, October 2017). Asheritah grew up in Romania as a missionary kid and lives with her high school sweetheart and spunky children in northeast Ohio. Her passion is leading busy women deeper with Jesus in the midst of their everyday lives both in her local church and online at www.OneThingAlone.com.
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