Out With the Old In With the New {Living Room Decor Tips}

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Is it time for a change? With the new year I always feel it’s time to get rid of the old and in with the new. Whether it’s a new year or you just need a change of scenery in your home, I have some great tips to change up your living room decor.

A New Year A New Living Room Décor

An enthralling New Year has just blossomed with petals of new dreams and aspirations! Having a comfortable home is one’s most beautiful dream. Whether it is a small cottage or a big mansion, home is a person’s most prized possession.  It is the reflection of one’s personality. Reflect your vibrant soul with decorative wall panels and exuberant marble floors. Make your living room an epitome of comfort, peace, and satisfaction where families bond, children nurture and elders feel loved. Let your walls speak the language of your heart with lively 3D wall panels that broadcast your class. Whether you are a minimalist or a maximalist, you can customize your theme selection accordingly to pave way for a fresh new start.


The bamboo effect

Light yet sturdy, minimal and also cheap, yes it’s the bamboo that makes any decoration unique! Try using bamboo to give an ecstatic vision of simplicity and grace. Using bamboo wall panels for your living rooms could be an excellent option for bringing life to any size of the room. With minimal maintenance, bamboo can make any place look stylish. It can be used as a screen or as a natural curtain or it can be used as a dividing wall for different zones in a huge room. Oversized hanging bamboo lampshades make a bold impact in a room or balcony. Bamboo blinds and decorative baskets give a rustic and relaxed effect to any area in the living room. Pairing up with wood or stone, bamboo can add a soothing echo to any room.



Adding Life to walls

Walls could be of bricks or of stones, it’s is their color and texture that makes the house a home. Experimenting with paints on different sized walls could be an easy option, but this is not all. Life is 3 dimensional so why not our walls? Here comes the 3D wall panel to the rescue. If it sounds difficult, there are certain other easy options for quick modifications. Adding a simple green tall plant to a corner of a wall or next to a piece of furniture makes a serene and lasting impact. Changing the texture by using thematic textured wall panels can help to personalize your walls. If you want to make a signature effect, a single large antique mirror can be hanged over a fireplace. Mirrors open up spaces to provide a relaxing effect.  Make way for some textile wall art, which can beautifully cover a large wall. If you have geeky genes then you may make way for optical illusion using funkily patterned wall tiles which make smaller rooms look big.  You may also go for some artsy bookshelves to make a mini library.


Floor décor

Highlight your space by decorating the most important aspect which occupies the largest space in your house. Yes, it is the floor.  The color, the texture, the type of material used, all decide the tempo of the room. The color and the material used speak for itself but the other decorative items can spice things up. The use of light colored flooring can create a cooling effect and also make smaller rooms look large. Decorative area rugs of contrasting colors from the floor can be treated like a piece of art to decorate the large frame of your floors. Adding to that, illuminating floor lamps at the corners of the wall adds reflective light from walls to creating a magical lasting impact. Add some floral plants to the corners of the rooms. They not only decorate the floor space but also clean the air. Floor poufs and other decorative seating items can add coziness to the home. Using large pillows around small tables are a good option for small gatherings in the room. Wooden flooring can also be a great option to bring warmth and coziness in the room.

Creative lightening

Good lightening is the key to promised beautiful architecture. It needs to be creatively focused over the items one needs to highlight. Chandeliers provide elegant vintage lights. They can either be hanged alone or in pairs. Dramatic effects can be added by repeating ceiling fixtures in long hallways every few feet. Eco-friendly LED Lights can be used to illuminate architectural details with different colors. Pendant lights can be hanged over center tables to make a great statement. Floor lamps have the power to enlighten dark rooms. Small disk lights can also be used in cabinets to create a dazzling showroom effect. The right amount of lightning at the right place can leave an extremely great effect on the architecture. 


Beautiful rooms are created not just by making big changes, but also by adding small details. Accessorize your home with decorative storage items, hanging pieces of artwork, pictures, floating shelves, artistic curtains, and bookshelves. Replacing old furniture with a new one that matches your style is of utmost importance. Spray paint can be used to renew old storage boxes. Hanging artwork, pictures and posters personalize your space. Floating shelves can also be used to create some extra space. Curtains, on the other hand, are the most underused decorating tools. Different colored curtains can be combined with contrasting walls to create a textured look. Layering with different patterns can also be done to increase visual interests in a room. Another way could be the display of highly curated collectibles on a small table or shelf. Antiques can also be grouped by different colors.

This New Year, renew your living room beautifully to instill positive vibes that soothe your soul the whole year round. Paying attention to the little details can help in providing good design to your living room. Choose from a variety of designs depending on your budget. Something low in cost can also be made splendid if used in an unusual way. Adopting strategies that best suit your space and using appropriate colors can magically transform any simple looking house into a cozy home. Make an innovative start but beware, the comfort you receive might make you homesick!

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