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I love doing reviews of products, services and also enjoy doing paid post opps. Whatever you have contact me and we can work out the details. I am pretty open to just about anything except any product or service where it requires a payment or anything that has to do with tobacco or smoking. I do have 2 children (son-5 and daughter-2) , as well as a dog and husband. They are always happy to lend a hand for reviews if need be. I always strive to give my most honest, thoughtful opinion of whatever it is I review. When requesting me to review your item please make sure it is big enough for me to review, so do not send in a single use perfume if your wanting a good thorough review. Once a product is sent to me for a review, I do not expect to send it back (unless we work out terms before review and I do not pay for return shipping costs). Please allow at least 3-4  weeks for a review to be posted. Giveaways are not a must but they are always welcome. My readers love trying the products/services I review. If you want  me to do a review of your product visit the Contact/Follow Me page and send me a detailed email about the product, terms, links, pictures and if a giveaways goes with it and I will get back to you within 1 business day. I look forward to working with you. Be sure to check out my Product Reviews section to see what I have worked on in the past.

Please email me at to request my media kit.


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