Quick, Easy, Delicious Cake In a Minute?! Try Go! Cake

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Ever had that moment when all you wanted was 1 piece of cake without having to make and bake an entire cake? Only to either eat too much or have it go to waste? Or maybe everyone in the house wants a different flavor? If you raised your hand read on because I have a quick, easy and tasty solution… Go! Cake.


Go! Cake Review

About Go! Cake?

It comes in 5 flavors: Chocolate Madness, Caramel Fever, Lemon Garden, Banana Power and Pumpkin Spice. You need no ingredients other than the bag of cake. Cook straight in the microwave safe bag or put in a mug of choice. Heat for 1 minute, than let stand for 5 (be careful it comes out super hot!). Then enjoy! See I told you it is super easy, even the kids can do it.

Chocolate Madness Go! Cake

Pumpkin Spice Go! Cake

We received Chocolate Madness and Pumpkin Spice and decided to cook the chocolate in the mug and pumpkin straight in the bag. Both came out super moist and delicious. We opted to put a little ice cream and sprinkles on our chocolate cake and eat the pumpkin alone. The best news is it’s a single serving to satisfy your sweet tooth without putting all the money, time and hassle into baking a cake.

You can purchase some online through Amazon at the link below or check out the store locator here to find  a store near you.

Go! Cake is great for snacks, after dinner dessert, parties, gifts and more. Fun, easy to use, tasty and is great for everyone. Visit Go! Cake to learn more.

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