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Free Sharpdraw Carpenter Pencil from Copenhagen {21yrs+}

  If you have an account with Copenhagen (must be 21 years+) log in and claim your free Sharpdraw Carpenter Pencil. Limit 1 per household. Ends July 21, 2019 while supplies last.   Thanks Jodie for sharing. Share to show you care…TwitterPinterestFacebookStumbleUponLinkedinTumblremailPrint

Free Gift from Copenhagen {21 yrs +}

  Head over and vote for your favorite project and get a free gift from Copenhagen. Choose between a Rugged Bluetooth Speaker or Dome Lantern. Limit 1 free gift per person. This is a tobacco site so you must be 21 years or older to sign up. Allow 3-6 weeks for gift to arrive. It was …

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Free Gift from Copenhagen (21+)

  Head over to Copenhagen for a free gift. Choose between a leather wallet or lumber coasters. Must be 21+. Remember these freebies do come from a tobacco company but most of the times they are not marked as so. Allow 6-12 weeks for delivery. I got the leather wallet! Which did you choose? Share …

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Free Knife Sharpener From Copenhagen (21 yr+)

Get a free Whetstone Knife Sharpener from Copenhagen. Note: This is from a tobacco company so you must be 21 yr+ to claim. Most of the tobacco freebies are not branded so even if you don’t smoke you can still claim, nobody will know where they came from 🙂 Let me know if you get …

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